You might well wonder what more could be achieved than the Majestuoso, technically, musically or emotionally.

The answer is the Meister: the dream of the most demanding music lovers and audiophiles, it goes beyond the limits. The Meister is both a laboratory and an achievement, pushing back the boundaries because it is deliberately designed and developed to be without limits.
For audiophiles, because the Meister is a perfect fit for the converter of your choice, AKM, ESS, Cirrus Logic, etc., a totally original technology, developed through a special relationship with converter manufacturers, so that the circuits, power supply and fine-tuning are all adapted to the wide range of techniques on the market.
And the Meister gives music lovers the best seat in the house - in the front row, in front of the stage, or even on the stage, in the studio, depending on the moment, in direct contact with the musicians so you can "see" how their music develops, their concentration, humour, detachment, virtuosity or restraint.
Total performance.


Happy listening.




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